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The Perfect treatment peel for all skin issues.

To achieve that perfect complexion, revive your skin, increase collagen or treat acne and pigmentation, we will carry out skin analysis and consultation to choose the right skin peel for you from our range of Mesopeel systems. This is a professional chemical peeling system based on organic acids such as sugar cane exfoliate epidermis, Bitter Almonds and Bearberry plants which will helps to superficially suppress Melanosomal, rejuvenate the skin, removes dead skin cells and encourage renewal of new skin.

Skin becomes brighter, soft and glowing. Series of treatment may be required depending on skin issues. Using our L’esthetic Paris chemical peeling, with the chance of achieving the best for your skincare, renewing and reviving problematic skin.

Introducing a brilliant product that we use in achieving fantastic results, with minimal irritation. This peel is based on three different category such as Glycolic, Mandelic and Kojic acids. These will help to exfoliate surface skin and stimulate skin renewal. It will help to subdue the production of melanin; medical consultation is required. It is suitable for all skin types Fitzpatrick photo-type (2 to 6), and will treat:

1) Pigment spots,

2)Accidental hyperpigmentation (for photo sensitivity or post -lessional scarring)

3)Melasma (excessive pigmentation)

Treatment can be with or without Mesotherapy

Our range of products covers face and hair professional and home treatments. Our treatments are tailor-made for each patient. All treatments have been tested for maximum safety, effectiveness and pain reduction. L’ESTHÉTIC reveals its new collection: MESO. A range which allies efficiency, wellness and safety. Because our customers are favoured, LABORATOIRES L’ESTHÉTIC has conceived products with high-quality formulas, maximizing natural ingredients. MESO range is 100% Made in France.

Time flies, skin changes: it gets damaged and old. Despite cosmetics promises and a healthy way of life, deeper layers of the dermis are degraded. They lose hyaluronic acid, vitamins and collagen.

L’ESTHÉTIC MESO uses exclusively pharmaceutical ingredients which molecular weight is 1000-fold-higher than products proposed by competitors. Thanks to its complexes formulas from the French biological Research, MESO stimulates skin from inside without changing its expression and shape.


This peeling reduces acne, scars, blackheads and comedones thanks to the purifying effect of salicylic acid (20%) that frees the pores of dead cells and impurities. Lactic and glycolic acids allow the active substance to enter more easily into the epidermis without any irritation.


As it penetrates deeply into the skin, this peel formulated with 15% TCA significantly reduces lines and wrinkles, but also acne scars. It stimulates the natural production of collagen and thus restores the elasticity of the epidermis, as it erases, in particular, the noxious effects of sun exposure.


Lightening solution acts as a skin brightener, reduces pigmentation and age-spots. This effective complex is made of ascorbic acid, vitamin C and glutathione. Suitable for face and body treatments.


Anti-aging and revitalization complex, pure and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, organic silicium and polyvitamin cocktail redensifies the skin and reduces fine lines. Strong skin revitalizer, this treatment also prevents and treats aging signs.


Hair booster, thanks to its innovative formula, a mix between calcium pantothenate and pyridoxine, hair vitality and growth are stimulated. Biotin favors cells growth, it both fights hair loss and greying.


Fat and cellulite reducer, developed by our slimming specialists, this caffeine – green tea treatment reduces cellulite, activates lipolysis and acts as an efficient fat reducer. Our new formula with deoxycholic acid gives impressive results!